4 Secrets of Drinking Coffee To Lose Weight

4 Secrets of Drinking Coffee To Lose Weight

Coffee is a favorite drink of many people, not only because it's delicious but also because of its many health benefits. One of those effects is effective weight loss support. Let's find out if drinking coffee is good for weight loss and how to drink it is the best, friends!

Coffee has many great health benefits

Coffee's weight loss mechanism

According to Healthline, the weight loss effect of coffee is rated at 3.25/5. According to this weight loss coffee method, you will need to drink a lot of coffee while limiting your calorie intake. Some people say they notice successful results in a short time.

This is a proven method based on three main effects:

  • ​First, coffee curbs appetite, thereby helping you reduce the amount of calories you consume each day. Some studies have found that, if you drink coffee right before a meal, the amount of food you consume will decrease compared to usual.
  • Second, coffee stimulates metabolism to take place more efficiently, causing more calories and fat to be burned. In a study involving more than 600 people, experts found that greater caffeine intake was associated with weight loss. When participants doubled their caffeine intake, their weight, BMI (body mass index) and fat mass decreased by 17% to 28%.
  • In addition, caffeine acts directly on fat cells through signals sent through the nervous system, thereby helping to break down fat. This mechanism works by increasing the concentration of epinephrine in the blood. Epinephrine (or adrenaline) from here travels to the fatty tissues, signaling the need to break down fat in the body.


How to drink coffee to lose weight

  • Drink hot coffee:

A cup of hot coffee will increase the heat in the body, thereby helping to burn calories faster. In addition, when enjoying hot coffee, you can also feel its characteristic aroma and flavor. This is an important factor to help you persevere in following a predetermined weight loss regimen.

During the process of brewing coffee at high temperature, an antioxidant will be produced, which helps fight cancer, anti-aging, even has the effect of preventing cardiovascular diseases, comparable to fruits and vegetables.

  • Black coffee is best for weight loss purposes

In 100 grams of black coffee contains only 2.55 calories. Therefore, after eating rice and drinking black coffee, it will have the effect of breaking down fat in the body. In addition, black coffee has a diuretic effect, promoting blood circulation in the heart. However, it is also the cause of your insomnia, so consider before drinking and only drink in moderation.

Black coffee can also promote cardiovascular circulation. People with low blood pressure who drink one cup a day can stabilize their blood pressure.

  • Do not add sugar

If drinking a cup of coffee after a meal, remember to drink it with very little milk, if you don't like it, no milk is better. You absolutely should not add sugar because sugar will interfere with fat breakdown, only reducing the effectiveness of weight loss.

  • Light exercise after drinking coffee

During the period of 30-40 minutes after drinking coffee, the concentration of fatty acids in the blood can increase, this time combined with light exercise can help burn fat by turning fatty acid levels into energy. Exercise can start from gentle movements such as walking can also be highly effective.


Drinking coffee to lose weight the wrong way will affect what?

Coffee is true to help with weight loss, but overuse and misuse will cause many harms to the body.

Excessive caffeine intake will cause many health problems, including high blood pressure.

Caffeine is also a diuretic, causing you to excrete a lot of fluids, along with important electrolytes like potassium. If too much potassium is lost, it can lead to hypokalemia, which affects muscle control and heart health.

Drink coffee properly to achieve the best effect

This is not a long-term way to lose weight, because it is easy to gain weight back. Because coffee weight loss is often accompanied by dieting, the body will quickly adapt to the number of calories regularly consumed by slowing down the metabolism, reducing the number of calories you burn. Additionally, the hormonal changes that occur as a result of calorie restriction can increase appetite, leading to increased hunger and cravings. According to some studies, about 80% of people who lose weight on a low-calorie diet lose weight in the first month off the diet.


Therefore,  HatA Cafe concludes that coffee brings weight loss effect as well as many other health benefits. However, to achieve the best weight loss effect, besides drinking coffee at the right dose, at the right time, you also need to apply more nutrition and reasonable exercise.