Hạt A Cafe attends the Spring Festival of Giang Vo 2023

Hạt A Cafe attends the Spring Festival of Giang Vo 2023

From January 12 to January 18, 2023, the 2023 Xuan Giang Vo Fair was opened at the Hanoi Friendship Cultural Palace - 91 Tran Hung Dao, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi with the participation of the County. A Cafe and many other domestic and foreign businesses.

After 29 times being organized, Xuan Giang Vo Fair has become one of the traditional fairs of Hanoi people on every holiday with the participation and convergence of many businesses; regional and local specialties across the country, from the Northern mountainous region, the Central region, the Central Highlands, the East to the Southwest region.
This event was held with the theme "Spring Giang Vo Fair - Spring Drinks Fair 2023" with a scale of more than 200 stalls, attracting nearly 150 businesses, production and business establishments. Besides the large participation of agricultural products, safe food, food items, food for Tet, aquatic products, processed and fresh seafood, there are also handmade products. handicrafts such as lacquer, ceramics, bronze, furniture, and many other fashion and household products.
With many specialties and outstanding products such as onions, Ly Son garlic, Tan Cuong Thai Nguyen tea, Tuyen Quang upland rice, Northwest snow tea, wild honey, wood ear, shiitake mushrooms, sour bamboo shoots, Cao Bang vermicelli , mung bean cake, Hai Duong gai cake, spring rolls, banh chung Uoc Le ... Or very popular consumer products such as the chain of standard Japanese drugstore chain - Omi Pharma, confectionery, imported fruit from Korea, England, France, Poland…
Coming to this fair, County A Cafe introduced and displayed the company's outstanding products:
Roasted and ground coffee (high quality): Dak Lak and Khe Sanh coffee roasters have all the characteristics of fine coffee beans from each region in terms of color, bitterness, and aroma. In particular, they also retain the sour aftertaste of the original coffee.

Coffee Roasted (Filter, Machine) Premium: Produced from 100% pure coffee, roasted and ground according to traditional methods. Class A Coffee brings passionate aroma, mild bitterness, mild sourness and deep sweetness, suitable for those who like hot black coffee.
Instant Coffee Hạt A: With flavors of coconut milk coffee, durian coffee, honey chestnut coffee made from 100% natural ingredients processed from premium coffee beans combined with promising fresh fruits and nuts. Brings the rich flavor of coffee, up the aroma of fruit pulp. Just click your lips to ensure that you will be immediately impressed with the characteristic flavor of each fruit and nut along with a light sour and sweet taste after touching your lips.

Seeds - dried fruits Seeds A: Nuts and dried fruits from Seed A not only retain their natural flavor, but are also nutritious Along with special drying technology, they create a nutritious and delicious gift.

Especially when the national traditional New Year is approaching, Seed A Cafe has launched a Traditional New Year gift set including coffee, tea and dried fruit seeds Seed A - Full of quality product elements, Convenient, Healthy and Meaningful – A delicate choice for this Tet holiday.
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