Hạt A Cafe participates in the program "Proud of Vietnamese agricultural products"

Hạt A Cafe participates in the program "Proud of Vietnamese agricultural products"

From December 23 to December 25, at the sidewalk space of Le Thai To Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi, the program "Proud of Vietnamese agricultural products" was held by the Center for Investment, Trade and Tourism Promotion. The city of Hanoi hosted the event.

The program with the participation of 150 businesses, cooperatives, OCOP subjects of 30 provinces and cities nationwide with more than 140 booths displaying more than 2000 products. This is the place / Proud of Vietnamese agricultural products, which is a good opportunity for agricultural product production and business units to introduce, display and sell local products, potentials and strengths, thereby promoting their trade. trade promotion, trade promotion of Vietnamese agricultural products to domestic and international markets. At the same time, create a highlight to stimulate demand for safe shopping at the end of the year and prepare to welcome the new year 2023, contributing to real Currently, the campaign "Vietnamese people give priority to using Vietnamese goods".
Speaking at the opening ceremony, HPA Deputy Director Bui Duy Quang stated that the program was organized to promote advertising and promotion activities to find output for agricultural products, OCOP products, agricultural products, etc. typical rural areas of Hanoi and other provinces and cities. At the same time, contributing to stimulating the development of agricultural and rural production; connecting consumption of agricultural products, OCOP of Hanoi and other provinces and cities to the capital's consumers; connecting manufacturers of provinces and cities with distribution channels in Hanoi city.

This is an important agricultural trade promotion event taking place at the end of the year, close to holidays and Tet (Christmas, New Year, Lunar New Year...) which is expected to attract attention. attention of many people and tourists to visit and shop.
The organization of the event aims to concretize the cooperation programs of the City Party Committee, People's Council, People's Committee of Hanoi and other provinces and cities throughout the country in the spirit of "Hanoi to the whole country, the whole country to the whole country". Hanoi" - Mr. Bui Duy Quang emphasized.

Besides the activities of displaying, introducing and selling products, there are also promotional activities, networking, product trial and demonstration activities, on-site product processing. The Organizing Committee will arrange miniature models with the theme of welcoming Christmas and New Year to serve the entertainment and entertainment needs of visitors and shoppers.

Coming to this program, Hạt A Cafe introduces and displays to customers and businesses the outstanding quality product lines of the company with: Instant coffee, Roasted coffee, Nuts - dried fruits and New potential new product line of fresh bamboo shoots - dried bamboo shoots cooked right away.

Let's look back at some moments of A Cafe at this "Proud of Vietnamese agricultural products" program:

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