HatA Cafe at Vietnam Coffee Challenge 2022

HatA Cafe at Vietnam Coffee Challenge 2022

Vietnam Coffee Challenge 05/2022 taking place in Hanoi has officially ended. HatA Cafe is very honored and proud to be a silver sponsor accompanying throughout the competition, bringing the best quality coffee beans to serve talented contestants.



Vietnam Coffee Challenge 2022 is the place to compete for the top Baristas in Vietnam with 3 competitions: Brew Challenge, Pour Challenge and Roast Challenge. This is a place to create a rich playground, attractive competition content for the Baristas to show off their talents and show their personal skills, and have the opportunity to challenge themselves. Moreover, the contest is also a premise for Baristas to exchange, learn and gain more experience in the arena for bigger competitions at home and abroad.

Along with that is the Vietnam Coffee Experience 04 program, an attractive program that brings you coffee experiences from Hand Brew, Espresso and Phin and a variety of coffee making equipment. In addition, the program also offers customers to experience a variety of coffee and roasted products from the best roasters and bean suppliers in Vietnam; along with brewing experience and brewing instructions from industry experts.

Here are HatA Cafe's memorable moments at the competition.





The contest has spread and inspired positive coffee lovers. HatA Cafe hopes to accompany in many meaningful events like that.

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