Health benefits of rose tea

Health benefits of rose tea

Roses are not only flowers with special beauty and seductive fragrance, roses are also associated with the symbol of beauty, or a burning love. Besides, rose buds are also a good ingredient to make rose tea, a delicate drink combining aroma and taste, with many health & beauty benefits. The following uses of rose tea are also quite necessary for those who care about their health.



1. Beautify skin

According to scientists, rose petal extract contains many components vitamin A and E that can moisturize and strengthen your skin. At the same time helps your skin limit the appearance of wrinkles, aging, dark circles. In addition, roses are a rich source of vitamin C, which is known for its high antioxidant capacity. Drinking rose tea every day supports the activity of the immune system and stimulates the process of promoting collagen and protein. These active ingredients help keep skin firm and hair strong.


2. Supports weight loss

One of the effective ways to lose weight is to increase metabolism. And according to some studies, to increase metabolism, you need to eat foods that contain flavonoids. Some foods that are high in flavonoids include fruits, vegetables, wine, tea and cocoa; and roses also contain flavonoids that aid users in losing weight.


3. Cure sore throat and flu

Many studies have shown that rose tea contains abundant vitamin C, more than cold and lemon. At the time of changing seasons, you should use 3-4 cups of rose tea to prevent colds and flu.
In addition, in rose tea contains many vitamins B1, B2, K and other active ingredients to effectively reduce inflammation and infection.


4. Reduce stress and fatigue

Like other herbal teas, drinking rose tea has the effect of reducing anxiety and stress. Especially the herb is very safe for people with depression because it does not contain caffeine. For people suffering from depression, rose tea can be seen as an effective treatment with few side effects.
While depressive symptoms cannot be completely eliminated, this mildly aromatic drink can be seen as part of the treatment process. The effect of roses is to relax so you can sleep better.


5. Relieve menstrual pain

One study was conducted on adolescent girls for 6 months. Some were given 2 cups of rose tea per day for about 1 week before their period until the 5th day after their period. These children reported that their pain and stress were significantly reduced compared to the rest within just 1 month of treatment.


6. Digestive Support

Rose tea stimulates the production of bile, which improves bowel function and fat digestion, and promotes the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria. The pectin in tea has the ability to bind with fats and cholesterol in the intestines, thereby eliminating them before the body can absorb them.
Rose tea can also be used as a natural remedy to treat constipation, diarrhea and dysentery.


7. Rose Tea Prevents Arthritis

Arthritis can lead to chronic pain. A 2015 study concluded that rose tea's anti-inflammatory properties could be roughly equivalent to that of the steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) in the treatment of arthritis.


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